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Pixel Gun 3D Hack - Cheats That Generate Gems and Coins Online

With this hack, you get unlimited gems, unlimited coins and all the guns online. No root needed. However, make sure you check out the current version of your game as this does not work for ver. 12.5.0. It works for ver. 12.5.1 and above.

Here’s another note that you should keep in mind: it is impossible to hack on the updated game unless you are at the level 30. You can still get some gems and coins, but only a little because of your current level. There is no point at all if you get unlimited gems and coins when you are at level one because you cannot buy anything at the shop. There are several gamers that have tried to hack as much as possible by overriding their current level to at least level 30 or level 32 in order to gain access to the shop and also get the unlimited gems and coins hack working, but to no avail, even when they were using the developer console trick. Some gamers were able to successfully get unlimited gems and coins when their current level is below 30, but then just like the point said above - it is pointless to have unlimited gems and coins when the shop is not made available to you.

But is it possible for you to get all the guns available in the game even if you are below level 30? The answer is, yes! However, you need to follow all the steps that are going to be shared here or else it won’t work for you. Some of you may argue that it won’t work, but there is this extra step that you need to take in order for the whole cheat thing to work. If you have the patience to do all the steps, you are guaranteed to gain all the guns in the game.


Are there any Working Pixel Gun 3D hacks?

There are hacks in this game, even if it is an online mobile game. You can find them sprawled over the internet, even some of them have created their own hack and cheats by developing a program that will override the program. There are apps like that you can find off the App Store if you know where to look. Cheating is not wrong, particularly in games. However, some games have created barriers and monitoring systems that will detect the ones that are using cheats and will be banned from playing the game. In Pixel Gun 3D, however, there have rarely been any reports of getting banned. There are a few warnings here and there, but it works most of the time.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack Generator

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Generator


Pixel Gun 3D - Learn How The Most Effective Hacks and Cheats Works

For beginners, Pixel Gun 3D is a pixelated First Person Shooter game that can be played through your mobile phone. It is provided in various models, which include a Single Player Campaign and Multiplayer mode matches online.

The main features of their multiplayer mode are as follows:

  • Over 35 unique maps that comes in various sizes and shapes
  • Local and worldwide connection types
  • Weaponry is varied with its own upgrades like sniper rifles, energy weapons, rocket launchers, magic weapons and a whole lot more. There are more than a hundred kind!
  • A single game can accommodate up to ten players
  • Chat is provided. You get to talk with friends even while you are doing battle.
  • There are several modes online: Point Capture, Coop Survival, Flag Capture, Team Battle, Deadly Games, and Classic Deathmatch


Pixel Gun 3D Hack Coins



If you want to win in this mode, you are required to have more number of kills than the other players until the time is up.

Deadly Games

The mission here is to stay the only player alive at the end of the game. This means that you need to employ the best tactics to put you up on the game such as going for a fast berserk fighting or those sneaky covert attack.

Team Battle

As the name suggests, you and your team must have more number of skills compared to all the other teams until your time is up.

Flag Capture

In this mode, there will be 2 teams that will be competing against each other. The one that captures more flags from the enemy within the given time frame is the winner.

Co-op Survival

This mode gets you to compete with the other players in killing monsters. Your main objective here is to get higher points within the given timeframe.

Point Capture

This mode lets 2 teams fight for the most significant positions on the map. Collect 1000 points faster than your rival team by capturing those points.


As the name suggests, a one-on-one combat. Player that has the most number of kills within the given timeframe wins this mode.


The most common mode in all FPS games, the Pixel Man is at the centre of an undesirable situation. Right in the dead of the night, there are tons of zombies that have come to destroy and attack his farm. As the game ventures on, the Pixel Man then figures out the zombies did not just wander directly to his village, but everywhere! Will Pixel Man be able to survive and find out the reason why zombies started coming out and attacking everyone? Being the player, it is your mission stay with the Pixel Man until the end and solves the mystery of the zombie outbreak!

Main Features of the story mode:

  • Various kinds of enemies
  • Completely various worlds that has a lot of different locations
  • Colourful plot in form of a comic book wherein it tells you of the story behind the game
  • Different unique weapon types


Survival Arena

In here, you are given a separate set of unique conditions wherein it allows you to check on your survival skills. It will push you on how far you are willing to go in this survival mode. How many waves will you be able to stand up against?

Features of the game are as follows:

  • Endless gameplay
  • Awards after getting through for the next stage
  • Unexpected combinations from various kinds of monsters
  • Acquire the best results that you can and then compare them with your friends


Friends and Clans System

If you have made a friend or more with someone else within the battlefield while chatting with them, all you need to do is click on the “Add” button so that you will get connected and you can easily find each other whenever you play the game. You can even team up with your friends quickly whenever there are team matches that you want to play with them, take a look at the accomplishments they’ve made, how they have made up their characters and so many more.

You also get to create your very own clan that is made up only with the best players that you can find in this game. This means that you can create the strongest warriors of the world of Pixel Gun ever be.


Pixel Gun 3D Hack gems


Steps Before Applying the Hack

Here’s one reason why the game doesn’t work with the hacks and cheats that are described above. The latest update on the Pixel Gun 3D has made changes that almost makes it impossible to hack, which is why gamers have hacked into the game and made some changes here in there. For this reason, you need to look for the Pixel Gun 3D Hack ver. 12.5.0. It may be a bit difficult to download this from the App Store or Play Store, but look for it online offered by gamers that are known for creating hacks and cheats like this one. You will also need to download their coins gems mod apk program in order for the whole setup to work.

Once you have made it to the download page, you will see a either a gray or black bar at the top of your screen. At the right corner you will see 3 white dots - tap on this and a pop out will appear. Choose Open in Google Chrome. The reason for doing this is because you might be using the YouTube app’s Google Chrome and not the Google Chrome itself. This might be a bit confusing, but you will get there. At this point, you need to have a lot of patience.

Once you have opened the link to download the app, avoid downloading something from a particular website that asks you to do so. This is usually the ads working which will lead you here when you click the link. Wait for at least 5 seconds and a button “Skip this ad” will appear. Click that and you will be directed to the page where you can download the app.

Once you are at the site to download the app, scroll down and you will find a button that asks you to Like in order to unlock the download. The reason why this is so is because you need to like the video first that comes together with the app. Once you have liked the video, refresh the page and see that the button’s label has changed. You will click this in order to start the downloading of the app. You are at the right track when you have reached the Mediafire website where the app can be downloaded. The purpose of downloading this app is that you can download all the guns in the game before you update the game, which will make it impossible to do so if you go for the updated version first.


Opening the App

Once you have successfully installed the app to your phone, run it. There should not be any tutorials after you have installed the game into your phone. After this, open your Google Play account so that you can retrieve your older guns from your own account and play it in this newly downloaded app. This will also save you the time to buy every gun in the game again as well. You might as well back up your data to your Google Play account so that you get to save the hassle of buying the guns you lost all over again.


Creating Unlimited Gems and Coins

Once you have successfully opened your account, click on the orange square with letter D button at the top right, it will direct you to the developer console screen. At the Level, press the plus button all the way up until you have reached level 32. Right below that, you will find a textbox to put in the figure for your coins and gems. For coins, click on the textbox and type in the number 9, nine times. The same can be done with the gems as well.


Will I not get banned by this?

Many players are worried about how they will get banned by doing this. You will only be so if you just leave that as it is. The servers of the game and their monitoring team will likely see that your account has been cheating and get you banned immediately. However, this cheat comes with a fix that will help you become invisible from these monitoring servers. All you need to do is go the same developer console you were editing your stats earlier and tap on the “Is paying user” and go back to the game. If you don’t do this, you will automatically be banned even before you have made it into the game or loaded the app. This process will take time to load everything, so have patience until all the stats that you have modified in the developer console screen has taken effect. The process will likely take around 2 minutes to take effect. If it doesn’t, just open the app over and over again until you see the changes.


Optional step, but highly recommended

At this point, you are free to skip this on to the other ways to cheat, especially if you are looking for how to free online unlimited download codes PG3D.

Go back to your home screen and open up the downloads folder in order to install the hack apk generator. Although this may have already been downloaded and installed, some have complained that it didn’t work for them.

Once you have successfully installed the app, open the game. A word of caution - you need to do this step really fast or else the developers will detect that you are using a third party app that they did not approve of. Once that happens, your account gets automatically banned. This app will open up all the weapons for sale, so if you have a good memory, buy the guns that you really need, not the one that you want. You can buy the other guns that you fancy at a later time, but at this point, you need to make sure that you are fast enough that it won’t get banned.

And while you are at it, it is also good that you check out the masks and capes and buy the most important ones while you can. The reason why you need to do this now is because while you are still on an old version of the game, you will still be able to upgrade these stuff. Once you have updated your old version, you won’t be able to upgrade these helmets and capes anymore. Do this while you still have the chance. You can upgrade your armour at this point all the way to the max as well.

Some avid gamers also buy other stuff while the apk is still doing its job. Do keep note that these avid gamers are very fast that they can do all the stuff that they want in just a short amount of time. It is probably because they have already have everything planned from the start that they do not need to look for the items that takes a lot of time to do so when you don’t know where you are looking. Setting that aside, you might also want to check out the other gadgets that will help you during the game. Some gamers do this because once they have played before, they knew right away that they need those gadgets. These gadgets are not available for players below level 30 or at least when they are at level 1.

Again, make sure that you buy everything before you exit the app and proceed to the next guide to further maximize this Pixel Gun 3D Hack.


Final Step

Once you have everything done as recommended above, it is time to update your Pixel Gun 3D game by going to the Google Play Store and have it updated.

You will be able to tell that you have successfully appended or customized your account by running it and all of the things that you have modified are intact. First, you will take notice that your coins and gems are at the nine 9s. Don’t be too alarmed when you see your account back at level 1. This is how the update works. At this point, some of you will find that the optional or extra step above important because you can never do it once you have updated your game. However, it doesn’t mean that it will remain that way. You will have to wait for your account to get to level 32 and above in order to get access to those capes and masks that you need. The same can be said with the other items that you have purchased. You also don’t need to worry about the rest of your levels. Once you see that your gems and coins are intact, this means that all the guns, masks, capes and other modifications that you have made are intact and are available for use to you.


What happens when you don’t buy everything before updating the game?

Try going to the WEAR section and try upgrading the masks there. You will see that you can’t upgrade the mask because you are required to be at level 30 or above. In some cases, you will need to be at least level 20 to have the masks upgraded.

Try also going to the GADGETS section. If you have bought some of the gadgets during when you haven’t updated the game and the MOD APK was still running, you will see them here. For others that did not do the optional step, you will probably be seeing an almost empty screen for the GADGET section. This is another reason why gamers always stress it out to beginners of this cheat to have all the items that they need bought first as they can no longer have access to it once they have updated their game. Most of these gadgets are really useful when you go for the matches in the multiplayer mode.

Don’t be afraid to join a match once you have modified your account and have the game upgraded. Many players have already tried this cheat or hack as many times as they can and they were still able to join the matches’ fine. However, here’s a tip from those who have used the cheats several times during the game - always re-open the game after the second time that you have entered a match. The servers of the game will detect an anomaly from your account and will have you banned right away. You will be wondering why you don’t have any access to your account anymore if you forget to have the game re-opened. Others re-open their game every after they enter a match.

Yes, this can be quite a hassle, so you might like the other hacks or cheats provided by the gamers that have worked their way out in creating this hack for you. However, the steps above are guaranteed to get you all the coins, gems and other options open for you during the game.


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